Health and Social Care


Health and Social Care Department at Rivers Academy




The Health and Social Care Department

Health and Social care is an exciting vocational subject that is popular at Rivers Academy. All the young people taking the course enjoy both the theoretical and practical aspects of learning to care for other people.  Health and Social Care prepares young people for work in a variety of different settings such as schools, hospitals, nurseries and care homes. This course enables students to gain a broad understanding of professions in the Health and Social Care industry and develop skills and understanding in order to work in these areas. The department has two teachers and is part of the Maths and Health School. 


The Health and Social Care Facilities


We a bright and interactive classroom with excellent resources including first aid training equipment, skeleton and body models, cyber babies and a wide range of research materials and resources. 

We are very proud of the classroom environment we have created and students really do have the best opportunities to learn in an environment that is functional, exciting and engaging.