GEOGRAPHY Department at Rivers Academy



The Geography team is fully committed to developing students into independent, critical learners. The department has 2 main teachers and is part of the Arts and Humanities School. 



Our aim is to enable students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We live in a dynamic world and Geography prepares students for some life experiences in places out with their home area.  Globalisation continues to change the way we live and work and more of us can expect to travel in the future.

The media supports our subject and we want pupils to make the best use of learning through quality teaching and an interest in current affairs.  Teaching and Learning takes place by committed staff in a supportive environment.


Key Stage 3


Geography is taught as a discrete subject at Key Stage 3. Students get an introduction to both Physical and Human Geography.  In Year 7 students study the local Geography of Feltham, Hazards, Ecosystems and Mapping.  Map work is integral to the subject and we aim to teach all students 4 and 6 figure map reading skills.


In Year 8, we look at the Geography of Crime, Population, the Geography of Conflict, Mapping, Climate and Coasts.


Key Stage 4


In Year 9, students start to learn the skills required to sit the GCSE exam and to complete their controlled assessment. They learn about Development, China, the USA, Global fashion and Tourism.


At Key Stage 4, students follow the AQA GCSE course for Years 10 and 11.

The units of work consist of Coasts, Tourism and Urban. They are assessed in 2 exam papers with a weighting of 75%.  The controlled assessment coursework element is 25% of the qualification and this involves a day trip to Windsor to research the impact of Tourism.


The aims of the course are to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them, instilling a respect for the environment and a lifelong interest in the subject.



Key Stage 5

Year 12 are currently following the Edexcel AS syllabus and will continue with this into the A2 course in Year 13.  Students will develop an understanding of geographical concepts and processes, recognise the challenges of sustainability and the implications for their own and others’ lives, and develop geography skills through classroom teaching and fieldwork.  We will run a day trip to an outdoor centre to complete fieldwork as part of the course.


Year 13 are currently following the OCR A2 syllabus (this will change to Edexcel in 2016-17).

This  enables students s to develop knowledge and understanding of selected physical, human and environmental processes that underpin key geographical concepts; develop a knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of place, space, diversity, interdependence and change over time;

study at a range of scales, from the local to the global and to use a range of skills and techniques, including the use of maps and images necessary for study.  They will go on a fieldtrip to develop an understanding of the application and relevance of geography.



GCSE Revison books

We have ordered copies of ‘GCSE Geography – the revision guide’ (produced by CGP) for all year 10 and 11 Geography students.  This helps students prepare better at home for the mock and real exam.  Students in the past have really benefitted from the purchase of this and we believe it can make a significant difference to your child’s knowledge and understanding of the subject.

All year 11 students should purchase this book and we strongly recommend that year 10 students buy it while the cost is low.

The cost of a book is £3.25 and can be paid directly to school (to the finance office) or online through ‘Parent Pay’.